The Story Behind Limitless Learning

Limitless Learning was born from a mission to make learning accessible, enjoyable, and empowering for all. The conventional ways of learning don’t work for everyone. This is especially so for individuals who contend with ADHD. When your academic pursuits turn draining and stressful, or you don’t know your next direction in life, that’s where Limitless Learning comes in! Together, we will flip the script with a personalized approach and science-backed strategies. You deserve to get the most out of your studies, achieve every goal, and embrace your strengths. Your highest potential is within reach!

Who We Work With

High School Students

who want to improve grades, boost SAT/ACT scores, and keep track of assignments, but are feeling stressed and struggling to focus. They want support to find academic success, and also personal growth with a plan for the future.

College Students

both undergrads and grad students who are struggling with the demands of campus life and feel defeated by procrastination. They want to be empowered, learn how to advocate for their needs, and find the freedom that personal responsibility provides.

Individuals With ADHD

who always find themselves overwhelmed with plans and ideas, instead of taking meaningful action. They want to develop routines, habits, and skills to support their goals, and break free of feeling controlled by ADHD.

Meet The Founder: Jamie Parks

My biggest goal is to help others overcome their struggles and reach their true potential. I’ve always loved learning and school, even though I’ve faced my fair share of challenges and had to advocate for myself immensely along the way. Unfortunately, sometimes things like academic deficits, weak executive functioning skills, and ADHD, prevent people from accomplishing their goals. Although these issues may feel big, I believe they should never hinder anyone from a promising future. I help my clients overcome their circumstances by showing them how to turn obstacles into positive opportunities for growth and success. For over six years it’s been my greatest joy to help 100s of individuals & their families find freedom, confidence, and peace. Limitless Learning is your chance to work with an expert who understands your situation and knows how to empower you to overcome.

In addition to my years of experience with coaching several hundred clients, I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, and a Master of Science degree (with thesis)  from the University of Alabama.

Success Stories

Our Specialties

Self Advocacy

Organization &
Time Management

Grade Improvement