Focus Coaching All-Access - $2,640

A Focus Coaching All-Access membership provides the highest level of support for those who benefit from consistent one-on-one communication and ongoing coaching. Your coach is here for you 24/7 to walk you through tasks, talk you through challenges in real-time and mentor you through life’s hurdles. This membership allows for the most curated experience tailored to your unique needs and, hey, we know life throws curveballs, which is why all-access really means all access. You can reach your coach 24/7 via text, phone call, or email and they’ll also be available to speak with any of your counselors, psychologists, therapists, etc, if desired.

We’ll begin with a goal setting session and then we determine the number of weekly meetings (up to three per week) based on your needs. We utilize best-in-class grade and goal tracking tools which allow us to measure real progress each week and quantify how you are doing with your growth. 

This membership also comes with an Order Out of Chaos planner and a Time Timer MOD. Additionally, All-Access clients can get exclusive benefits, such as travel trips, for an additional fee. These are a great opportunity for us to meet in-person for several days when needed. A great time for these include the start of a new school year, finals week, or getting through that mid-semester slump.

Please note, due to the more hands-on approach of this membership level, a very limited number of spots are available. As part of your free consultation, we’ll let you know if we are accepting All-Access members. 

The Process


Who should sign up for
Focus Coaching All-Access?

High School

This isn’t just about acing exams or getting accepted into college. Our coaching partnership is about helping you become the resilient, successful human you are meant to be. When the door closes, Limitless Learning will find another way in! We see your potential and are committed to helping you unlock a future filled with possibilities. It’s time to discover hope and optimism. 


Navigating the uncertainties of collegiate academics both in undergrad and graduate environments can be extraordinarily daunting. We’ve got the expertise to help you become your own advocate while overcoming challenges and paving a road to a brighter future. Limitless Learning will be with you every single step of the way. 


We strive to gain the trust of our clients and personally invest into their growth. We want to be the person you call when you are struggling to make sense of the world and we will be there to help put the jumbled pieces into place. All-access means we’re here 24/7 to walk your journey with you and create strategic plans to help you achieve any of the goals you’ve set.

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