Focus Coaching Elite - $2,050

A Focus Coaching Elite membership provides next-level support for those who benefit from multiple weekly check-ins and a more hands-on coaching approach. We provide the resources, insights, and support you need to champion your journey to independence and accomplishment. Beyond academics, we prioritize solutions that help you learn to advocate for your own emotional, social, and personal growth. 

From our very first goal setting session, to our 12, virtual one-on-one sessions, we’ll identify areas of development and uncover practical strategies to help manage the challenges you’re facing. We utilize best-in-class grade and goal tracking tools which allow us to measure real progress each week and quantify how you are doing with your growth. 

This membership also comes with an Order Out of Chaos planner and a Time Timer MOD, if desired. Additionally, Elite clients also have access to exclusive benefits, such as travel trips, for an additional fee. These are a great opportunity for us to meet in-person for several days when needed. A great time for these include the start of a new school year, finals week, or getting through that mid-semester slump.

Ahead of securing your membership, Limitless Learning will provide a free consultation to determine if we are a good match. 

The Process


Who should sign up for
Focus Coaching Elite?

High School

If you feel like you’re facing a mountain of challenges and are unsure of how to overcome them, Limitless Learning is here to walk the journey with you. As you navigate your High School years, having weekly coaching sessions to help you successfully navigate everything from grades, to emotional, social, and personal growth and even college admissions could be a game changer for your future.


We know the feeling of defeat that comes with facing challenges at the collegiate level and we see the potential in every undergraduate or graduate. Limitless Learning is committed to helping you unlock a future filled with possibilities. Our Focus Coaching Elite membership provides a hands-on approach, to discover the hope and optimism needed to achieve your goals.


With a Focus Coaching Elite membership, we’ll work together to combine your unique strengths with our expertise and create a tailored path to success. With guided weekly coaching sessions you no longer have to face seemingly insurmountable challenges every day life can throw your way alone. We understand the journey you’re on and we are here to empower you. 

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