Focus Coaching Premium - $720

This membership is perfect for anyone who needs help navigating the daily hurdles of school, careers or just life.  With the Focus Coaching Premium membership, we’ll kick off our partnership with a goal setting session where we can identify areas of development and start creating a strategic success plan. Then, we’ll meet virtually for four one-on-one sessions to focus in on your goals, check in on  progress and continue offering actionable strategies to manage the challenges you’re facing. We utilize best-in-class grade and goal tracking tools which allow us to measure real progress each week and quantify how you are doing with your growth. This membership also comes with an Out of Chaos Planner if desired.

Ahead of securing your membership, Limitless Learning will provide a free consultation to determine if we are a good match. 

The Process


Who should sign up for
Focus Coaching Premium?

High School

Learn how to study smarter, not harder! Together we’ll build a custom strategy dedicated to helping you approach academics, keep track of assignments, and achieve the grades you want. Limitless Learning will also help you navigate the college admissions process.


Whether you’re an undergrad or graduate student, learn how to enjoy campus life with less stress and more motivation. Limitless Learning will help you manage your schedule and stay organized, so you can make the most of your time in college & set yourself up for the brightest of futures. 


Strategic support to navigate your ADHD with confidence, so you can make waves toward your goals and feel in control of your life. We’ll map out action plans and develop the skills needed to find balance and be less stressed.

Hear from those who’ve been where you are