Coaching For Students & Individuals With ADHD

Limitless Learning provides people 14 years old and up, across the US and Canada, with personalized coaching & strategic advice. Together, we’ll identify areas for development and build routines & strategies so you start seeing progress. Over our time together, you’ll see success in every area of life, grow in confidence, and achieve goals. If you’re struggling in school, finding college hard to navigate, or need specific ADHD support, Limitless Learning is here for you! The sessions are all virtual, 60 minutes long, and include text and email support for clients in between sessions.

Our Services

Focus Coaching Session

One-on-one, 60-minute virtual session to identify areas of improvement and create action steps.

Focus Coaching Premium

  • 60-minute virtual goal setting session, for the 1st meeting.
  • Four, 60-minute virtual coaching sessions.

Focus Coaching

  • 60-minute virtual goal setting session, for the 1st meeting.
  • 12, 60-minute coaching sessions.
  • Includes Order Out of Chaos Planner + Time Timer MOD

Focus Coaching
All-Access $2,640/month

  • 60-minute virtual goal setting session, for the 1st meeting.
  • Up to 3 hours of coaching sessions per week.
  • Access to coach 24/7 via email, text, or phone.
  • Includes Order Out of Chaos Planner + Time Timer MOD

How We Help

Organization & Time Management

Gain the executive functioning skills needed to reduce stress, combat procrastination, and work within deadlines. Learn how to stay organized, prioritize, and manage your time efficiently.


Grow awareness of your learning needs and how to communicate them to teachers, professors, family, and employers. Reduce barriers, build independence, and live life on your terms.

Grade Improvement

Create custom strategies and routines to help you achieve the grades you deserve with confidence. This works in conjunction with stress reduction for you and your family to build the strongest support network.

Who We Help

High School

Learn how to study smarter, not harder! Together we’ll build a custom plan dedicated to helping you approach academics, keep track of assignments, and achieve the grades you want. Limitless Learning will also help you navigate the college admissions process.


Whether you’re an undergrad or graduate student, learn how to enjoy campus life with less stress and more motivation. Limitless Learning will help you manage your schedule and stay organized, so you can make the most of your time in college & set yourself up for the brightest of futures. 


Strategic support to navigate your ADHD with confidence, so you can make waves toward your goals and feel in control of your life. We’ll map out action plans and develop the skills needed to find balance and be less stressed.

Hear from those who’ve been where you are

The Process