“I was initially worried about my daughter going off to college because she wouldn’t have the same level of accountability and support as she did in her small private high school. The transition to a large out-of-state college seemed daunting. However, we were fortunate to discover Limitless Learning! My daughter started during the summer, and her coach, Jamie, tailored their sessions to fit the fast-paced term. Jamie taught my daughter how to apply the skills and strategies they discussed in their sessions to real life situations. As a result, my daughter now not only utilizes these skills in the classroom, but also in everyday life. I’ve noticed a big improvement in her confidence and her ability to advocate for her own needs. My daughter will definitely continue to be a client all throughout college. With Jamie, my daughter has not only found an academic life coach, but she’s also found a mentor. With all of the extra support and personalized coaching, both my daughter and I feel less stressed about school, and our relationship has grown stronger. I no longer have to nag her about her schoolwork, and I don’t even need to check her grades anymore. Limitless Learning has provided us the help we’ve been searching for all of these years. My only regret is I didn’t find Limitless Learning sooner!”